Rose and Crown Pub
Rose and Crown Pub
Rose and Crown Pub

Backyard BBQ Burger

Peppered bacon, BBQ sauce and cheddar

piled high with onion rings.

Pull up a chair and enjoy!

Dear Valued Customer

At this time the FULL menu is not yet available.... but we are hoping down the road to have more items. Give us a call for items available for TODAY.




Best regards, the Rose and Crown Pub Team

Spuds and Rings


Basket of Fries


Onion Rings


Frings (Half fries, Half onion rings)


Sweet Potato Fries - Served crispy with our house dip.


Poutine - Fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.


**Special Note** Our menu is subject to change, for the most recent menu please contact us by email or give us a call at 604.943.1515